Mitsubishi Colt Diesel 120ps

Bandung Modder Community launching new mods cars,,
this mods is Mitsubishi Colt Diesel 120ps (Bak kayu/Colt Woods)
to Indonesi.

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Bandung Modder Community
                        Rifast (Rizky Alpfast)

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Caprice said…
Nice to meet.
My name is Caprice that produced the MOD of the Japanese commercial vehicle in GTA SA.
I tried to MOD specifications of the Japanese Mitsubishi Colt diesel made ​​by you.
I want permission to distribute this MOD so you want to distribute.
Rifast said…
Nice to meet you too. My name Rifast
yes, I give you permission to re-upload (distribute),
provided Do not forget to include me as the real author of this mods,
and if it can connect to my website
Caprice said…
Than authorized to re-upload please, thank you very much!
Yes, of course. I originally referred to that you have made ​​to the credit.
I'll try and share that lock the MOD, the secondary distribution must not be.
You are able to make a great Mod.
Thank you also, if anything.
Rifast said…
what do you say about
" Than authorized to re-upload please, thank you very much! "
I don't understand
Caprice said…
I'm sorry. I like a translation mistake, has become a funny sentence.

"Thank you for permission to distribute!" Correctly
Rifast said…
ohh,, hehe
what time you re-upload this mods.?
what 'distribute'

distribute is upload ?? or not
Caprice said…
I'm going to write an article also distributed today or tomorrow.

Car you plan to distribute There are three types.
1.Japanese Aluminum Van
2.Japanese Flat body
3.Japanese Flat body with crane
Caprice said…
Yes, distribute is [Up-load]
I have modified the Colt diesel you've made.

When updating the blog today, to publish its MOD.
Please contact if you wish that you "do not want to publish"
Rifast said…
oh yes it's okay
However, give us a real author and to include our website
Caprice said…
I wrote on the [read me] your website of URL and [This Mod is your author]

Thank you for giving me permission to distribute[re-upload]!
Rifast said…
thanks again,,
you have wrote, me as real author in readme and in your posting

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